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Explore our library of ideas for tackling communication challenges and our perspectives on professional presence to keep you and your team at the top of your game.

"On" Energy and When to Turn Off
Are you constantly on the go and trying to figure out how to find balance?
How to Lead a Focused Meeting
Are you striving to build a strong unified team during this hybrid time?
How to Work With a Team Member Who Wants to Do it THEIR Way
Sometimes pursuit team members don’t want to play with the group. They’d rather do it their way.
Sculpting a Better You
There are two different approaches to sculpting: an additive approach and a subtractive approach.
When Not to Tell Stories
At SagePresence we teach the power of telling stories, but there are times when you’re better off...
The Dark Side of Empathy - A Replay
There is a tremor in the Force. Dean recently read an article about the dark side of empathy and in this...
They Want to Know You Know What They Know
Your team of technical professionals love to get into the details of their solutions — for good...
Constructive Sad
Sadness is a feeling that many of us tend to run away from in a professional setting. But we at SagePresence...
Leading a Panel Discussion
Leading a panel discussion can be deceptively challenging. Once you line up a handful of professionals...
Constructive Happy
In today’s work world, there’s not a lot of recognition about emotions, and how the expression...
Empathy vs Appreciation
Is appreciation the same as empathy? They’re both extremely useful as communication tools, but...
How Much Practice
There’s no one simple answer to how much practice is appropriate for everyone to prepare for an...

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