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"SagePresence is awesome! A must-see for everybody prior to a project interview!"
Michael Pukszta
Principal of CannonDesign

Inspiration Your Audience Can Use

Whenever you host a speaker, you are putting the valuable time of your people at risk. Many speakers can hype up an audience, but after it’s over, people often don’t know what to do with that energy, because the speaker hasn’t given them anything specific to do.

SagePresence speakers inspire audiences by giving material they can use immediately, with simple solutions that work. Our goal with every speech is to elevate your people by providing an experience of genuine value that they can use.

Our presentations come from 20+ years of applying our presence solutions to the world of professional service. We can center them on the material from our two books, Winning AEC Interviews and Winning Virtual AEC Interviews, or draw from our history as filmmakers helping technical professionals use solutions from the film set to represent their firms more effectively in business development.

“The SagePresence presentation was absolutely amazing, with high audience engagement and insight.”
Bethany J. Rademaker
Director of Events, ACEC Illinois

Speaking Topics

All topics 60-90 minutes, interactive or presentational to fit your format
The Presence Factor™ — Signature Presentation
The Human Expression of Brand — Being Yourself Brand-Consistently
Winning AEC Interviews — Live, Virtual and Hybrid
The Presence Champion — Your Role in Elevating the Team
Screen Presence — For Meetings and Presentations
Unity in a Hybrid World — Diverse Teams, One Experience
Not seeing what you’re looking for? Contact us to discuss. We can connect the dots between our presence solutions and any communication concern that you are focused on.

Teri Walker McLaughlin—BD, Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

Teri is known globally for her ability to bring authenticity, passion and enthusiasm to every aspect of her work. She draws upon a rich and diverse professional leadership career of banking, politics, government, business development and organizational change, including serving as Executive Director and CEO of two NGOs. This brings engaging, relatable, real-life experience to her speaking and consulting practice in the areas of communications training, executive coaching, leadership development and media relations.

Shannon Murphy Robinson—Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

Shannon knows exactly what it takes to lead—and what is required to take a message across lines and cultures to successful execution. She is a highly sought after facilitator, with extensive experience training leaders to use effective communication to improve global performance, whether through presentation coaching, interview training or other dynamic tools. Shannon has created diversity/inclusion training initiatives for Deloite, Cargill, and AT&T; co-founded BrainSkills@Work; and is a Harvard-certified NeuroBusiness coach. She is also the former vice-president of ProGroup, a Twin Cities diversity consultancy.

Lani Basa—Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

Known for her roles in strategic development, leadership coaching, and professional development, Lani’s professional background includes 22 years at Target across multiple leadership roles. From there, Lani went on to co-found The Business Women’s Circle (The BWC). Now in its 10th year, The BWC aims to connect professionals, build communities and create experiences for women to grow. The organization has allowed Lani to harness her unique ability in bringing teams together, optimizing organizations for growth with strategic messaging, skills she now brings to SagePresence as an expert public speaking and interview consultant.