Leveraging Filmmaker Skills to Hone Your Presence Edge™

In 1999, professional media producer Dean Hyers sold his company (Digital Café), wrapped on an independent feature film, and teamed up with Pete Machalek to train actors. 

Pete had recently finished his masters in film and communication theory, and in 2001, the new theory was to apply their combined knowledge and skills to the world of business.

Testing The Theory

The idea of film skills for business was tested in some pretty intense scenarios. An architecture firm used us to win their way onto a $40 million project. A group of city prosecutors used us to win high-stakes trials (literally murder trials). A small group of covert agents from the Department of the Interior used us to learn acting for covert role-building and emotion control under interrogation.

Early Success

As different as these applications were, we realized we were doing one main thing and just putting it in different places — elevating people’s presence, and partnering with groups to find out where the Presence Factor was a variable that could be a vulnerability or an opportunity. In all cases, presence was a thing of the moment, an X-factor we addressed with improvisation and a heart-centric, authentic approach for whatever hot-seat or daily grind they faced.

We knew we were on to something powerful.

A Growing Track Record in Professional Services

We realized that all professional service firms directly rely on their people to sell the work, so we focused there. Suddenly our coaching helped our clients win their way onto projects like US Bank Stadium, Las Vegas Raiders Stadium, the reboot of Penn Station in New York, Healthcare Facilities on the UCSF and Zuckerberg Hospital Campuses, and a High-Speed Rail Line from San Diego to Sacramento.

$16 billion and counting, we are confident the concept is proven — film skills make business happen. The Presence Effect makes a better client experience in all professional services.

We’re here to be your Presence Partner.