Bite-Sized Thoughts About Confident Presence

Explore our library of ideas for tackling communication challenges and our perspectives on professional presence to keep you and your team at the top of your game.

Quarterbacking Client Experience
If your business were a game of football, leadership would be the coach, marketing would be the quarterback,...
Breaking Down the Wall in Networking
Sometimes networking is like facing a wall — people aren’t greeting you, inviting you in, or making room...
6 Words and Phrases that Diminish Your Presence
Some words can lower your presence in the minds of your audience without you being aware of it. And sometimes...
A Moment of Thankfulness
Sometimes the Thanksgiving holiday can create tension instead of good will. In today’s vlog, Pete explores...
Why NOT To Be Thankful This Thanksgiving
Why NOT to be thankful — Have you taken a look at everything wrong in your life and the world? At a time...
Construction Leadership Network
Last week, Pete and Dean both spoke at the first conference that the Construction Leadership Network...
The 4 Stages of Team
Teams evolve through four phases, often getting stuck in a loop at the first two, and seldom getting...
Code Red
Our body gives us alarms, telling us to take action, but we don’t realize those icky feelings are mere...
On-Camera Backgrounds
Your background can be a detriment when you’re on camera. You don’t want to distract your audience, you...
Short-Circuit Your Fear With Intent
One of the biggest impediments to presenting with confidence is the fear of judgment. And it’s a catch-22...
Relatable is Different from Having Something in Common
People think the only way to relate to someone is to find something in common. Wouldn’t it be great if...
Making the Most of Your Firm’s Events
There are plenty of good reasons to host big social events. Many of these good reasons have to do with...
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