Bite-Sized Thoughts About Confident Presence

Explore our library of ideas for tackling communication challenges and our perspectives on professional presence to keep you and your team at the top of your game.

We're All In Sales, But Who Should Be Doing What?
“We’re all in sales, whether we know it or not” is a business truism. But when we get to make decisions...
Creating Patterns to Make Learning Stick
A lot of people invest in training that fades. Education and skill-building may put knowledge in your...
Cloaked Course Corrections in Communication - A Replay
Have you been in situations when someone steps on your words or communicates over your point? Your first...
Integrating Brand, Strategy, BD, Sales, and Experience
Five things need to synchronize in order for a truly orchestrated company. Dean talks about how brand,...
True Leaders Don't Need to Keep You Down
Some people make a habit of pointing out your mistakes, flaws, and overdue assignments, keeping you on...
The Cadence of Conversation
The job of a technical person isn’t just about doing their technical work, it’s also got...
Countering Panic
Panic can be triggered in the moments just before a speech or sales pitch. It is an intense emotional...
What Authenticity Really Means
Some folks out there equate “authenticity” with “just saying what you feel” or...
The Feeling of Presenting
Is what holds you back from great speaking — or speaking at all — the way it makes you feel? The “presenting...
How to Talk About Opportunity
“Opportunity” has historically been a concept that often creates bland stories. But we recently...
Fostering Your Team Into Better Presenters
Effective presentations are valuable to your team in countless ways. In today’s post, Pete lays...
Light a Fire Under Your Presentation
Are your presentations ‘human enough?’ Are they reaching the people-side and not just the business side?...

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