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Conventional wisdom about buzzwords is that they’re meaningless and overused, and that people should...
Dealing With Analysis Paralysis
It’s not uncommon for leaders to have difficulties making decisions. Sometimes the difficulty can be...
Leadership In Loss
Western business culture makes the same mistake in two ways, neither celebrating wins, nor stopping to...
"Here's Where We Agree"
These are interesting times we live in, often polarizing us with co-workers, project partners, family...
Ghost Town Office
Fabulous office spaces are devoid of people, and nobody knows if this is the new normal, or if we’re...
Have You Found Your Calling?
Do you know your calling? Dean explains what such a thing really is, how it may differ from what you...
Why Presenting is Scary Pt. 4 - Letting Your Team Down
Representing your firm as part of a team often brings a particular host of anxieties. You don’t want...
Business Forgiveness
We talk about forgiveness in life, but what about in business? You can feel held back, defeated, double-crossed,...
Community Conversations with Troy Parkinson - EP 6: Matthew Hart, AIA, NCARB
Welcome to the next episode of SagePresence’s series Community Conversations with Troy Parkinson....
Why Presenting is Scary - Pt. 3 Fear of Failure
When we generate the energy that it takes to present, we do so because we have a goal in mind. And whenever...
Nice Yin!
3 STEPS to Build a Business Relationship Quickly In his most recent post, Dean explored how alliances...
Building Business Relationships vs Affiliations
It’s easier to build business from an existing client than it is to get a new one, making Business Relationship-Building...

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