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The Answer vs The Answerer
The Q&A section of a project interview can be a nerve-wracking experience. In today’s vlog,...
How Formal Should You Be?
Many professionals make the mistake of presenting themselves too formally because they think a presentation...
Why Sensitivity is a Strength
Has anybody ever made you feel bad for being “too sensitive?” In today’s post, Dean...
Not a Happy Ending, But a Happier Ending
Dean’s recent vlog, “There Are No Happy Endings” inspired this nuanced response from...
Think On Your Feet
Have you ever noticed that some people can really think on their feet? But did you know it’s a...
Stop Wasting Your Team's Time
Take a moment and think about how many people in your organization are attending meetings that take too...
Why There Are No Happy Endings
At SagePresence, we talk a lot about the power of story to influence audiences of all kinds, including...
Community Conversations - EP3: Stacy Robben
Welcome to the next episode SagePresence’s new series “Community Conversations with Troy...
Overcoming the Victim Mentality
Sometimes things happen that not only make us feel like a victim, but put us into a victim mentality,...
How to Attract Higher Caliber Team Members
There is a workforce crisis across the country now. If you are a firm that is struggling to hire new...
Laws of Presence in a Hybrid Workspace
It is a hybrid work environment whether you like it or not — which means that your team members...
What Should Your Team Be Doing?
Within teams, there is always the question of who should be doing what?

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