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The Dark Side of Empathy
There is a tremor in the Force. Dean recently read an article about the dark side of empathy and in this...
The Myth of Visual Learners
Most of us have been trained to believe we have a style of preferred learning. Some people are visual...
Is Expressiveness a Good Thing?
A lot of people have asked us, “Is Expressiveness a Good Thing?” In today’s vlog, Dean...
Arrogance Doesn't Sell
It’s good to be confident, but too much confidence can come across as arrogance, and...
A New Angle on Introversion
Are you looking for a new angle on whether you are an introvert or an extrovert? In today’s vlog,...
Mad is an Energy
Niceness is great, and it has its effects on how you come across when you present yourself. But you are...
Brand Personality
Have you ever thought of your brand as a personality? In today’s vlog, Dean explores how delineating...
Presence is for Everyone
It’s easy for people to think of presence as only being relevant to those people who get on stage...
Be the Lighthouse
Are you a leader in your organization? What type of presence do you have? In today’s vlog, Dean...
Building a Business Development Culture
In order for professional service firms to truly thrive, they need to have a culture that naturally engages...

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