Creating the Client Experience You Promise

“SagePresence is helping HGA embody our brand promise consistently throughout our national firm, at every point of our clients’ journey.”
Jennifer Haferbecker

Does Your Team Embody Your Brand?

Your professional service has a great brand, but is there misalignment? Are your client-facing professionals operating without a thorough understanding of your brand? Are they creating a client experience that is disconnected from your brand promises?

Be the Team You Say You Are

BE-it is a scalable program that helps professional service firms translate their brand to key behaviors and define the gap between who they say they are, and how they are being. Then we resolve that gap with a tailored combination of targeted group workshops and private coaching, made to stick by training internal “Presence Champions.”

The Results Your Business Needs

With over twenty years and a track record exceeding $16 Billion in projects won under our sage advice, we can help you create: