Magnetic Presence for Landing Projects 

“SagePresence helped us increase our interview win rate from 25% to 60% in the space of six months.”
Cynthia Tucker
Director of Marketing, Meyer Najem Construction

How’s Your Win Rate?

Does your firm have a consistent, strategic process to prepare for interviews? Are you pre-positioning to put you top-of-mind for your prospect when they drop their RFP? What’s the messaging like in your proposals and presentations — Are you telling stories, or just providing info? How good do you feel about your team’s interview delivery? Are they on-brand?  Does everybody seem ready and unified when they head out?
A Solution Tailored For You

WIN-it is a flexible and customizable program that starts with building the presence and skills of your pursuit team members through a combination of group workshops and private coaching.

Then we build the ability of in-house “Pursuit Presence Champions” to practice and sustain those skills and maximize your win rate for the long haul.

The Results You Need

With this process, you are left with the results that matter the most to you: