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Introducing Your New Role With Confidence - A Replay
Congratulations — You’ve made it into a new role in your organization. Now you face the task...
The #1 Most Important Thing You Can Do in Interview Prep to Win
There are countless important things to do in your Architecture / Engineering / Construction interviews...
It's Not All in the Eyes
Old sayings like, ‘It’s all in the eyes” can be useful, but can often be too reductive....
How Thinkers Can Become Better Relaters
We all have our communication tendencies and defaults that work for us in some way, but that cause problems...
Stop Wasting Your Team's Time - Replay
Take a moment and think about how many people in your organization are attending meetings that take too...
Why Stories Don't Require a Villain
SagePresence Story Structure is designed to emulate the way that human beings think in. It’s simple...
Breathe Out, Breathe In
Do you have concerns with how long you should take to introduce yourself when you meet someone new? If...
QUIET - Power in the Negative Space
It’s easy to fall into a mindset of “the bigger, the better” when it comes to presence....
Positive Presence When You're Sick
Have you ever been sick when you had to work with a client?  In today’s vlog, Pete shares...
Can You Do Your Elevator Pitch in an Elevator?
Your value proposition needs to get pitched quickly because people are constantly moving. They want to...
Are Nerves Really a Problem?
Are Nerves Really a Problem? Nervousness is a multi-faceted thing. In today’s post, Pete discusses...
How to Never Be Replaced by AI
As professionals who make a living providing a service, it can be nerve-wracking to learn about a technology...

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