Bite-Sized Thoughts About Confident Presence

Explore our library of ideas for tackling communication challenges and our perspectives on professional presence to keep you and your team at the top of your game.

The Presence of Transformation - Replay
Technology is transforming the way we work, communicate, and design. There are those who fear change...
Little Things Make a Bigger Impact
As professional service-providers, we are all doing everything we can to figure out how to make the most...
Get Excited About Them
It’s networking season. Are you preparing for networking events and looking for a tip to make the...
Presentations Are Answers to Questions
A lot of our clients tell us that they prefer interviews that “devolve into a conversation,”...
"On" Energy and When to Turn Off - Replay
Are you constantly on the go and trying to figure out how to find balance?
Tune Yourself - Don't Record Yourself
Should you use a camera to record and review yourself to become a better speaker?
Resting B**** Face
Too often we work with clients that show up on camera with no emotional response on their faces. Some...
Thought vs Grammar or Spelling
Communication, as the saying goes, really is a two-way street. So active communication is the only way...
Strategy Begins Early
All too often, technically-minded service providers think that the one and only thing they need to communicate...
Behavior and the Presence Package
Language is one huge part of communication, and body language is another. But what about “driving...
Community Conversations - EP1: Roxie marquez
Welcome to a new segment in our vlogs! Join Troy Parkinson as he interviews members of the AEC community...
An Interview is a Chemistry Experiment
A lot of very smart professionals go into an interview thinking of it like a test that they’re...

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