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Fostering Your Team Into Better Presenters
Effective presentations are valuable to your team in countless ways. In today’s post, Pete lays...
Light a Fire Under Your Presentation
Are your presentations ‘human enough?’ Are they reaching the people-side and not just the business side?...
Asking Good Questions as a Leader
As a leader, you almost certainly have people coming to you all the time with requests and suggestions....
Your Presence Partner
This week, Dean changes things up with a question for you about a trial balloon we are floating.
How Do We Work With Our Clients?
Different organizations have different needs, but the solution is always consistent: Higher quality presence...
A Story Compass to Navigate the Win-Win
When you and your people are experiencing the same problems and want to achieve the same goals, a simple...
What Can One Person Do?
It’s easy for one person in an organization to feel stuck and powerless, especially in larger organizations....
Why Sensitivity is a Strength - Repost
Has anybody ever made you feel bad for being “too sensitive?” In today’s repost, Dean...
Learning to Elaborate
Some of us tend towards fewer words — choosing each syllable carefully, as if there was a mandate...
How Much Should You Practice?
Different people have different instincts about practice. We have some recommendations about the sweet...
What If There Were an Escalator Speech?
An elevator pitch is the shortest possible version of your firm’s value proposition. But what if...
Embrace Your Ignorance
When you are a business professional, your biggest worry can be looking stupid. What if that worry is...

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