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5 Valuable Business Development Activities
Business Development activities are often lumped together, which can create confusion among your team...
Speaking Your Way To Great Speaking
Practice is crucial, but it can be hard to find time for. And sometimes when you do, you waste all your...
Dean On Purpose
We all want purpose, but we sometime confuse that all-important goal with “occupation.” To Dean, the...
Your MVP's
Who are your most valuable team members? In his latest post, Pete shares his recommendations for how...
Webinar Replay: Build a Culture of BD
Who takes part in building business in your firm?  If you’re like most Engineering / Architecture...
Present Over Perfect
There’s always a struggle between being as perfect as you can be, and being as real as you can be — being...
All Of Your Value Propositions
Does your team know how to communicate all of the value propositions that your firm represents? Considering...
Selling In Plain Sight
Selling is such a “bad word” for so many of us, that we can’t even call it that. But in today’s post,...
The Value of Curiosity
In this constantly changing world that demands ongoing learning, the single most important trait to have...
Responding To Rejection
No one likes rejection, but we all experience it one way or another at times. In today’s post, Pete shares...
Being A Good Panelist
Being on a panel is an exciting experience, and can be stressful too. You might not be sure when to talk,...
Lost In Transition
Team presentations — be they interviews, orals or shortlist presentations to win a project, or leadership...
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