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Fitting In vs Belonging
There’s a little-known distinction between “fitting in and belonging” which can become an eye-opener...
Why Do We Hate Public Speaking?
So many of us actively hate to get in front of an audience to talk about anything. Why is that? And what...
Why You Can't Say "I'm Sorry You Were Offended"
When you unintentionally offend someone, your actions played a part in creating hurt feelings, no matter...
Compass vs Map - Navigating Approaches
Dean uncovers another useful distinction in the workplace: the contrasting styles of “Compass People”...
Self-love is neither cliché nor trite — it’s business. People wonder what they need to inspire, sell,...
Blame and Power
Words like blame and responsibility are getting slung around like weapons these days, which can make...
What Is The Meaning Of Your Firm?
Your firm exists to make a difference, but not just to you, not just to your employees, and not just...
The Hero Compass
Your professional brand is often an elusive thing — it can be hard to put your finger on what qualities...
What Apollo 11 Can Teach You About Presenting
Landing on the moon required two modes: auto-pilot, and manual. Believe it or not, your presence has...
Who Is Your Ideal Client?
When you think and talk about your target client in terms about demographics and hard facts, you can...
Herding Cats With a Light Touch
Working with a group of creative or technical professionals can be a challenge. Each person in the room...
How Construction Supt's and PM’s Win Interviews
Presenting is commonly one of the most uncomfortable venues for Project Managers and Superintendents....
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