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Bringing In An Outsider
What’s the value of bringing an outsider in to help your team get ready for an interview? There’s a lot,...
Where Does Presence Affect Your Firm?
In professional service firms, people are your biggest variable. What they’re like, and how they act,...
The Purpose of Purposelessness
We’re all looking for purpose, but that can be hard to find. Sometimes we think we’d only found it if...
Turn Your Presentation Into a Conversation
When you’re competing to win a project, you don’t always have the option to take the formality down a...
When You're Pursuing a Big Project
Here it is – the biggest project you’ve ever pursued. It can feel daunting. You know you have to pull...
Do You Overshare?
Have you ever had the experience of speaking up and instantly regretting it? As an intuitive communicator...
Development Isn't Always About Fixing a Problem
It’s easy to think of professional development as fixing a problem. But forward-thinking leaders recognize...
Steer Your Critics
We’ve all experienced criticism, whether from clients, coworkers, or friends, and it can often...
Feedback Sandwich
In this post from the vault, Dean discusses the difference between providing feedback focusing on your...
How Hungry Should You Be?
You hear it all the time – leaders saying that they want their team members to be hungry. But what does...
5 Valuable Business Development Activities
Business Development activities are often lumped together, which can create confusion among your team...
Speaking Your Way To Great Speaking
Practice is crucial, but it can be hard to find time for. And sometimes when you do, you waste all your...
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