Community Conversations – EP 5 Guest: Yolanda Baber

Welcome to the next episode of SagePresence’s series Community Conversations with Troy Parkinson. In today’s episode, Troy interviews Yolanda Baber, VP of Business Development for JGM (Los Angeles).

0:00 – Opening

0:16 – Troy’s Welcome and Introduction

1:27 – Yolanda’s History and Connection to AEC

2:38 – What drew you to BD & Marketing?

3:38 – How do you build authentic relationships?

6:25 – What’s your family of origin?

8:30 – What conferences are you actively involved with?

11:30 – How are you seeing JDEI addressed in the industry?

16:55 – What advice or encouragement do you give young women entering the industry?

20:14 – What advice do you have for newcomers to SMPS and other organizations?

22:48 – What is the market sector you love to serve?

24:21 – How do you present yourself when you network?

28:17 – What advice do you give about using Social Media/LinkedIn?

32:14 – Book recommendations

34:14 – What excites you about the future?

38:12 – Closing

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