WINNING PRESENCE for Business Presenters becomes Amazon Best Seller

It’s the most historic week for SagePresence since being founded in 2001, with it’s first book becoming an Amazon Best Seller as the premier train-the-trainer program prepares its very first batch of certified SagePresence facilitators to deliver Winning Presence for Make-Or-Break Moments.

Best Seller in 3 Categories

SagePresence Book Winning Presence for Business Presenters becomes a Best Seller on

Winning Presence achieves Best Seller on Amazon in less than 24 hours.

It was not a total surprise that the publicity efforts of Dean Hyers and Lauri Flaquer, coupled with the growing community following SagePresence, would combine to create a sweeping success for the first SagePresence book, which captures the core philosophy and methodology of SagePresence teaching.

Earning #1 status in Sales & Selling, Communication, and Running Meetings & Presentations, the book made substantial sales nation-wide in both Kindle and Print. By 4:00 pm on release-day it had won its first #1 category, with a second category only four hours later and its third by morning of the following day.

The book achieved surprisingly high sales in New York and San Diego, likely a direct result of Dean’s media appearances in those markets in the months leading up to the release, along with national webinars to groups like Midwest Energy Association’s Energetic Womena special interest group led by Stephanie Menning.

“I owe a debt of gratitude for the support and promotion of Mike Koenigs and the Author Expert Marketing Machines, of Stephanie Menning and her women’s interest group, and to the National Publicity Summit who all had a role in making this level of success possible.

The release party was brilliantly orchestrated by Dean’s number one manager, Lauri Flaquer of Saltar Solutions, who themed the event in Hollywood styling, including red carpet and search light at a Cinequipt‘s Studio C. “The great turnout was just the icing on the cake,” said Flaquer. “We’ve been pitch-training Dean and putting him in the spotlight for months in preparation for the media.”

Hollywood-Style Release Party Celebrates Best Selling Book by Dean Hyers with the full red-carpet treatment.

Hollywood-style release party celebrates Best Selling book by Dean Hyers with the full red-carpet treatment.

The book isn’t a stand-alone, but a gateway into a suite of tools, including DVD’s, Action-Guides, Audiobooks, CD’s and other SagePresence products designed to extend their core curriculum into a multi-sensory professional-development experience.

SagePresence Products Accompany Book

“That is really just the beginning,” says Principal Pete Machalek. “The real evolution is coming with the advent of our train-the-trainer program that started yesterday.”

Train The Trainer Promises New Sages

At 8:00 am, Monday November 5th, the first-ever SagePresence training bootcamp began. It’s a week-long program to ready the first batch of SagePresence trainers to deliver a new program called Winning Presence for Make-Or-Break Moments.

“It’s the new flagship program for SagePresence,” voices its creator, Carry Metkowski. Drawing from nearly a year of intense study and collaboration with SagePresence methodology, this program evolves the classic Sage curriculum to match learning and development industry standards. “It was nice to let go and follow for a change. Good leadership is worth a good follow,” stated Principal Dean Hyers.

Some comments from new “Sages.”

“I continue to be surprised and intrigued by how fast SagePresence’s elegantly simple process helps learners shift energy in ways that set them up for success.  I look forward to more!” – Sydney  A. Paredes

“This time together has deepened my understanding of the purpose of this organization – to serve individuals by assisting in the discovery of authentic presence. I feel blessed to be working with such wonderful people for such an important, and necessary, purpose.” – David Newell

“I learned about an exercise Dean and Pete used in their acting workshops, which was the training ground for SagePresence. They called it Emotional Boxing, which involved two actors with secret agendas to trigger emotions in their fellow performer in a scene. It was eye-opening how one actor could inspire another to feel, and that informs our new roles in SagePresence as we teach others to inspire the people they need to influence.” – Barb Dusek

This is a historic week for SagePresence. Two powerful versions of outreach have begun a powerful new presence for a little train that could, and should, and will.
New Sages in Training this week

Please welcome to the team our newest Sages. Keep them in your hearts and minds throughout this week as they live, love, and laugh amidst the intense curriculum on the first-ever guided journey toward a newer, fresher, extended-play version of SagePresence.



  1. Kari Murlowski on November 6, 2012 at 8:51 am

    Congratulations to all your success. I was very honored to be part of the celebration. Looking forward to implementing the new book into my presentations. Kudos to all!!!

    • Dean Hyers on November 6, 2012 at 11:32 pm

      Thanks, Kari. It was great having you there. In my heart I’m still the scared little kid who acts tough and brave, so I half expected nobody to come to the release party. Obviously that was not the case, and I genuinely appreciate the turnout and the support.

      The more I succeed and progress, the more I realize that there are no “individual successes.” All achievement is the result of a team effort, realized virtually through a community. The individual success is a symbol of a group of people coming together around an action to affirm it. It looks like an individual success, but I’m experiencing real community and connection more than classic pride.

      Thanks for being a voice in a community I’m connected to!

  2. Julie A. Berg on November 6, 2012 at 10:02 am

    Here’s to a new journey full of possibilities for Dean, Pete and crew. The Sages will carry the momentum — how cool! And a special shout-out to Sydney — one classy, talented lady!

    • Dean Hyers on November 6, 2012 at 11:51 pm

      Sydney is awesome! They all are in very unique ways. A good yin/yang balance in both the women and the men. I’m excited to see SagePresence evolve to some new journeys. It was not born to be a repetitive pattern but a growing, changing wave.

  3. Greg Solberg on November 6, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Congrats everyone! So cool to see. And without a doubt, very well deserved. Having been fortunate to know a few of the parts, I would love to someday hear the entire SagePresence journey.

    • Dean Hyers on November 6, 2012 at 11:53 pm

      I would love to share it! And I hope the entire journey is ongoing enough that it’s never possible! These new Sages are showing me that it can develop a life of its own and there soon can’t be only “one version” of the entire story. Life of its own – what creating is all about!

  4. Mary on November 7, 2012 at 11:31 am

    This book was such fun to edit, Dean. I am very happy for you–I’m happier for your readers!

    • Dean Hyers on November 7, 2012 at 11:46 am

      The process was a dream-come-true in itself, and so many times (for me anyway) that is where the dream ends. But this time it’s actually getting to PEOPLE. I got this from a buyer just last night:

      “I purchased your book and believe it or not, I couldnt put it down! Thanks for providing such a great guide!”

      That speaks to ALL of us who have had their hand in this book getting written!

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