WEBINAR: Proven Secrets to Help You Win More AEC Interviews

Dean Hyers and Pete Machalek authored a great new book on winning AEC interviews

When our friends at Cosential and PSMJ asked us if we wanted to deliver a webinar companion to our recent WINNING AEC INTERVIEWS book, we jumped in with both feet.

As Dean put the webinar together and delivered it, he decided to batch his insights into three categories, and he checked in with participants at the end of each batch to respond to their questions.

The webinar generated so many questions that he decided to follow it up with a special bonus PDF of his answers.

Now PSMJ has made both the webinar and the bonus PDF available for FREE to anyone, and they have given us permission to share it with you!

Check it out here! 

Then let us know what you think about it below!

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New Release! Our new book Winning AEC Interviews is now available!

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