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PETE MACHALEK – Speaker / Trainer / Coach and Business Development Specialist

A born facilitator, Pete Machalek expertly converts "push" to "pull," creating safe environments that align teams for action.

Pete teaches concise, intentional communication, leveraging simple tools that are easy to use. Pete is process-oriented, systematically addressing would-be intangibles like audience connection, the transformation of fear to excitement, and knowing what to say when words seem impossible to find.

Pete believes in your capacity to lead, shape the world, and create messages that influence. What he doesn't believe in is the no-win scenario, and he craves the chance to put that to the test.


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DEAN HYERS – Speaker / Trainer / Coach and High-Stakes Interview Specialist

Strategic and bold, Dean shares ownership in your win, putting his head and heart in the game to take charge without taking over.

Dean comes from a background in performance, having founded an interactive media advertising company, directed a feature film for Warner Brothers' Home Entertainment, and taught acting to US covert agents.

Dean spent his life guiding people to find their presence under pressure, in venues that demand a clear proposition of value. Dean will teach you the art of winning people over. You'll believe in him because he makes you believe in yourself as he speaks, coaches and trains.


Team Adam Tehle

ADAM LUGSCH-TEHLE – Speaker / Trainer / Coach and Construction Specialist

After serving SagePresence as an intern, Adam went on to work in the film industry in North Carolina. He continued to work with organizations and institutions crafting breakthrough messages for their make-or-break moments, eventually leading him to work in higher education. Adam continues to work as an administrator in higher education - inspiring individuals, communities, and organizations to tell their authentic, unique and transformational stories. Adam holds a degree in Philosophy from Gustavus Adolphus College.

Team Sydney Peredes 02

SYDNEY PAREDES – Certified Integral Coach, PCC Executive Coach Enterprise-Wide Learning Solutions and Sales Solutions

Sydney is an executive coach with over 20 years of leadership experience in Fortune 100 companies and 12 years as executive coach for senior leaders, emerging leaders, and business owners. In her last corporate role as Director of Leadership and Organizational Development, her responsibilities included developing and implementing leading-edge strategies to build leadership competencies and bench strength for AT&T Broadband's US Market.

Team Dave Newell 03

DAVID NEWELL – Enterprise-Wide Learning Solutions and Workshop Facilitator

Dave is a facilitator, trainer, and strategist who has worked in the learning, development, and management fields for more than 12 years. He is an experienced facilitator in the Art of Participatory Leadership practices and holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership. Dave has worked with a variety of organizations throughout his career, including Fortune 100 and 500 companies, higher educational institutions, non-profit and government agencies, and public and private communities.


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