Your team presents to communicate important information, to influence, and to build business. And, like anyone in high-pressure scenarios, they don't know how to find the right words. They get stricken with anxiety and self-consciousness. And their body language reflects their nerves.

WINNING PRESENTATIONS is a quick and easy introduction to key presentation techniques, following two business speakers on a quest to improve their presenting skills. The 22 minute film is available in multiple formats.

This will help your team:

  • Organize their thoughts and ideas
  • Speak to the interests of their audience
  • Transform anxiety into presentation fuel
  • Connect with their audience
  • Generate confident and dynamic body language
  • Lead their audience where they need to go

       This product comes complete with a workbook for viewer practice and
       retention and a Trainers Guide for internal trainers to apply the Winning
       Presentations Film and Workbook toward elevating their teams. 


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WINNING PRESENTATIONS is a release by SagePresence, distributed by Star Thrower.