NWSG: There And Back Again

Okay…we’re catching up on some sleep and some emails and it’s
Bill’s wife’s (Robbye) birthday.  That means it’s probably going to be
tomorrow before we’re able to share with you all the cool, fun, and
amazing highlights of our recent speaking engagement with the Northwest
Screenwriters Guild.

BUT!  We wanted to make certain we shared this with you today!  The
winners of the Inaugural NWSG Pitchfest, which Dean and I had the honor
or judging on Saturday.

Congrats to everyone that participated in the AM workshop and the Pitchfest.  Like Aadip said, we were very impressed with everyone’s pitches.  Mostly, we appreciated everyone’s courage in standing up before a room of their peers and giving them an opportunity to learn from your moment in the hot seat.

That said…without further adieu…from NWSG President (and crack screenwriter/amazing all-around guy) Aadip Desai:


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