Fear Itself: How To Deal With Stage Fright

The worst thing fear can do is shut us down. We can be so afraid of exposing ourselves in our stage fright that we don’t step up at all.

Stage fright doesn't have to stop us.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can move forward, despite our legs shaking. We can talk, even with our voice trembling.

Often, in those times when we do step up, we can discover that there was nothing to be afraid of, and the fear can naturally dissipate. But sometimes, we step up and we fail, or people criticize us or judge us negatively or discourage us in some way, and we feel justified in our fear.

It’s times like these that are hardest for us to continue forward, to stay in action, to keep talking, practicing, and getting better.

There’s exactly one thing that we need to be able to do so.

It’s not fearlessness. We can’t have that, because we already have fear.

It’s not courage. Courage is the end product, not the source, of moving forward in the face of fear.

It’s will power. Simply that. Just choosing to be in action, despite how we feel, despite what others might think or say or do.

Which isn’t to say that we should always stay in action, regardless of our circumstances. Whether we do or don’t is entirely up to us, but only if we recognize this choice.

So, the next time you feel potentially shut down from fear, ask yourself: What’s it going to be, action or inaction?

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