A Rare Opportunity

Our first round of Train-The-Trainer training is coming up the first week of November, and we’re hustling to get ready for it. The application process is officially closed, and now we’re in the process of interviewing all the applicants. It’s quite an experience, because everyone seems like a fantastic candidate. This first group is exclusively…

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Join Us At The 3rd Annual Innovation Expo & Awards!

As a proud sponsor of the Cleantech Open, SagePresence invites you to join us for one of the premier innovation events in the Midwest! The day will showcase top cleantech entrepreneurs and their startup businesses from ten states — Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The goal is to celebrate…

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SagePresence Train-The-Trainer Webinar

This Train-The-Trainer program we’re premiering this November has inspired so many interested parties that we want to take care of everyone’s questions in one fell swoop. So we have scheduled a special webinar at 12:00 noon (CST) on Tuesday, September 25. In this 1-hour webinar, SagePresence partner Pete Machalek and Train-The-Trainer expert Carry Metkowski will introduce…

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The Next Level of Networking

Almost everybody seems to think they have problems with networking, and those same people are embarrassed that they have problems with it. The embarrassment keeps them from doing anything about it, and as a result they can’t experience the truth that they’re literally surrounded by people who have the same difficulties with networking and relationships building that they have.

We have a solution.

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