Bill & Dean's Excellent Adventure

Whew! Here we are in Seattle, WA.

And can we just say–the NWSG rocks!

They booked us in a place called the Hotel Sorento, aka our favorite hotel in the Universe. The service is nothing short of topnotch, the hotel itself is a thing or rare beauty, and when we checked in they asked us if we minded being upgraded to suites for no additional charge (ummm…let me think for a moment. YES!)

From there we had a great time of unexpected (and amazingly productive) networking as we sat down in the lounge to do some prep work for the upcoming INCARNATION reading in July. In true Be-Connected form, Dean and I suddenly found ourselves being the conduit to connecting a couple of gentlemen, one of whom had been trying to track down and meet the other for quite some time. And as it happened, the other had appeared at our table earlier and wanting to chat about movies (he, coincidentally, finances them). So here we are, trying to be of service. Trying to connect new folks in our growing network here in Seattle the even newer people that we meet. And it not only feels good and right, it feels productive. It feels like progress for us, too!

After a short nap, it was Networking: the Sequel as Dean, Robbye (my wife), and I attended an informal gathering for cocktails the NWSG folks held in our honor. There were about 20-25 people there, and the hardest part of the night was that everyone was all so nice and interesting, it was difficult to get to them all. How we made it work was by leveraging the “power of two”. We took the pressure off ourselves and realized that it wasn’t necessary for both of us to have an in-depth conversation with everyone in the room. Rather, we could divide and conquer, as it were. From there, we used our “appreciate your way in AND out of conversations” tools to make certain we had a chance to chat with as many folks as we possibly could, while leaving each person like the interaction with satisfying and “complete”.

And the results were great. Again, we found a ton of ways to help our new friends AND several potential opportunities to bring SagePresence to the Seattle area. Very cool.

This morning, a shower (finally!) and copious amounts of coffee at the Pike Place Market (Fish!) were required to bring us back to life. Here is a picture of Dean and me (courtesy of my talented wife, Robbye) just as we were beginning to stir.


We’re truly looking forward to tomorrow’s and Saturday’s events, and we’ll keep you up-to-date on all things Sage in Seattle as it happens.

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